Memphis, TN

Bio: My name is Anna Levenson. I have a wonderful husband of almost 15 years and we have three children, David (22), Kristin (20), and Gavin (11). And my 22 year old is about to make me a grandmother! Although, I insist on being called Bubbe (Yiddush for grandma), because I'm not old enough to be a grandma! lol I went back to school after I had my first two children and completed a BPS at University of Memphis for Sociology and Health Science. During this time, I was a dancer, an exotic dancer. I was able to obtain my degree, work the hours I needed to work, raise my children, and revel in my sexual power. A mother with sexual power! Yeah! I met my husband, online playing card games, 3000 miles away, when I was in my last year of my bachelor degree. We married and had a son. He broke my pelvis when I had him and in the past ten years I had three major surgeries. I was able to obtain my Master of Science in Psychology from Kaplan University. In July of 2015, I am returning to school to obtain my terminal degree, A PsyD in Psychology! My working thesis is Disposable vs. Forever Relationships: The State of Relationships in Modern Society. I began to write and found that people enjoyed what I wrote. I hope you do too.

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